PTH Ministries of Jesus Christ Charlotte North Carolina,


Hello my name is Pastor,Jimmy Lee Wiley, first I would like to say may you & yours be blessed in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I'm writing you this letter because I am in need of your help in helping me equip this ministry for which God has called for this season. I truly love the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and what His Father has done for my life. so it's been placed in my heart to do the Lord's work and stand in my calling.

Before I go any further please allow me to introduce

myself to you and tell you a little about myself, I do

not like to use the term “  in recovery “  because of

the mighty power of Deliverance that our Lord and

Savior Jesus Christ has demonstrated in my life.

Through all my trials, tribulations, valleys

Experiences and my storms. Those particular

experiences has become the very essence and

fabric of my Ministry of True Deliverance so that

I'm able to share and give what the Lord has shared

and given to me,The very thing that brought me through

and saved my life and transformed me into a Jesus Lover..

              PTH Ministries of Jesus Christ is a Ministry of Preaching, Teaching, Healing, which translate into Deliverance. The Lord led me here to Charlotte North Carolina to bring Deliverance for those who are captive and in bondage. PTH Ministries of Jesus Christ stands firmly in faith with an expectation that God has fashion and Shape this ministry perfectly with the hand of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to minister for this particular area of North Carolina.

It is the  mandate of PTH ministries of Jesus Christ to bring  

love and a life-saving word to those that may be held captive

and in bondage through their addiction, (  translation )

 True Deliverance…………………

PTH ministries of Jesus Christ is dedicated in preaching the word of God in a manner that would best serve The drug addicts and alcoholics of any gender, race, religion affiliation or economic background. delivering them from the life hindering addictions, PTH Ministries of Jesus Christ Lives and believes firmly on the Foundation scripture of (  Isaiah chapter 61;1 ) ,but certainly not the only one.


MyLife has been completely transformed  from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. what Christ did for me, I told Him I would obey and go back and tell others who are in bondage about the good news of what he done for me and many others before me. we see the drug addiction epidemic Escalade in our community and see the high risk of people losing their lives to the drugs as well as innocent people on our roads and highways. a drug addict mine must be challenged by something far greater than society's Rehabilitation system and its Judiciary System.

i know from first hand experiences the only thing that

will affect a drug addicts way of thinking is The

manifestation of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour

everlasting love and His life saving word.  therefore,

I think the Lord for giving me the vision and the will

to accomplish the fullness of His will through PTH Ministries

of Jesus Christ with the Ultimate goal of improving the

quality of life for drug addicts and their families so that

they can live life eternally and life more abundantly…….

If you choose to partnership with the Lord in contributing to this particular ministry, your act of love will be supporting the following ministries…..

A) Stewardship   classes pertaining to the word of God in teaching )

1) Spreading the gospel ministry( outside of the church in various communities)

2) Outreach ministry for elderly(the ones that are confined to their homes, retirement communities, and hospitals)

3) Homeless ministry.

4) Prison ministry.
















5) Health ministry,(dentistry, health screening, eye exams, medication assistance, psychological assistance,

6)  Goodwill assistance ministry,(food, clothing, house good accessories, personal hygiene , cleaning supplies, )

7) Self sufficient ministry,(GED classes, literacy classes, budgeting classes, parenting classes, Job placement and job Link services)

if  you choose to partnership with the Lord in contributing to this particular ministry, your act of love will be supporting the following ministries…..